Our main goal and focus is expanding the foundation to other cities around the country. Although we are primarily based in the District of Columbia, we want to be able to give back to as many communities as possible. We recognize that as the cost of living increases, many families may struggle to keep a roof over their head as well as feed their family. This leads to many parents picking up more shifts at work and spending less time with their children. This is where LBE comes in. We want to step into these communities and lend a helping hand in as many ways as possible. Whether it’s through donating food, clothes, to volunteering our time in mentoring and supporting our youth. As of right now, we volunteer at the Jelleff Boys and Girls club in Washington D.C, which allowed us to make a difference in areas like sports, art, writing, and even tutoring. With your help, our goal can be achieved and together we can make a difference in not only our communities, but in the world.