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The Lead By Example (LBE) Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non profit organization that was created to inspire the community, with an emphasis on the youth, to make smart, healthy, life changing decisions through sport, mentoring, and charity. Founded by three men raised by single mothers in inner city DC, we’ve seen first hand the negative influences that come and how they can consume lives at such a young age. As a result we have committed ourselves to mentoring as many youth as possible to expand their minds to opportunities that aren’t be as available or attainable otherwise. By tapping into the children’s interests and connecting them with successful and established professionals, we are able to show them possibilities that come from continued hard work and dedication to a certain craft.


One problem we’ve chosen to tackle is childhood obesity, choosing education as the biggest avenue to attack it. Lack of knowledge severely limits the likelihood of a child to live a healthy lifestyle. We strive to teach the entire community, but especially children proper eating habits and the importance of being active for at least an hour a day. So far we’ve coached flag football, basketball, and soccer for 1st-10th graders in the city, teaching proper stretching techniques, team building activities, and healthy nutrition habits while being competitive and having fun. 


One project we’ve focused on from the beginning is our feed the homeless initiative. From our inception through 2017 we fed 2,000 people in DC and we have a goal of at least 4,000 meals served this year. We also do various community outreach events such as neighborhood clean ups and clothing and equipment the less fortunate and those that help them with essentials such as hand warmers, socks, and toiletries for the homeless, and blankets, food, and cleaning supplies for shelters.


A goal for this year is to start programs within schools and/or Boys and Girls clubs that replaces detention/suspension/punishment with physical and health education practices, such as yoga, meditation, and workout programs.


We believe in using our platform to empower our community and bring people together for the uplifting of everyone. 



William Craig | Founder

Born and raised in The District of Columbia, William Craig grew up seeing some of the disadvantages our youth and community experienced. Growing up in a single parent home, he witnessed first the negative effects these experiences have on the community. This lead to his goal of wanting people around him to be able to come together to be apart of something special and give back to the community. His platform, “stop reading history and start making it” is what he operates on. The Lead By Example Foundation brings people together to inspire others to make better decisions based off the work the foundation put forth. I am blessed to say my dream is becoming a reality and with your help and participation, we can change the world. 

Antonio M. Beard | Co-Founder


Born and raised Washingtonian, Antonio grew up in South East, DC that included neighborhoods of Savannah Terrace SE, Naylor Gardens and 37th Place SE. Adaptation is key in life, your surrounding environment changes your decisions have to be imperative. Holding your mom at the tender age of five because she has reached her mental limit is not cool. I understand the struggle in the inner city. Capital Partners for Education; a non profit organization saved my life. They helped inner-city kids in Washington, DC.

While going through the program a mentor was assigned to me, he was white and at the time there wasn't black mentors around. Mike opened my eyes to a new world and we are now brothers going on 15 years strong. This LBE movement is bigger than me. Grateful to have something that will be here when I'm gone and my son will take over in my place. I will be the change that I want to see and I will always help those in need. Looking forward to changing the narrative not only in the inner-city streets of DC but across this country and the world.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera | Co-Founder

Lead By Example is a foundation that our extended family now has grown & developed a culture of entrepreneurs that have bought into the development of our society. We believe that in order to do that WE have to Lead By Example & continue to define the everyday consistency of a true Leader. I believe that with the ground work we as a team have established, puts us in position to reassure that our future is in great hands.

Leslie Williams | Board of Director


When I think of LEAD BY EXAMPLE I think of INSPIRATION! Growing up , I always had someone to look up to which came from my grandparents who instilled in me that you are an INSPIRATION and let no one tell you different. Now that I am a adult the roles have changed.  So when I became apart of Lead By Example Foundation, I knew I had to be the inspiration and leader because a young king and queen is watching. Being with the foundation I have gain knowledge and being apart of experiences that will stick with me for a lifetime. It’s not a easy job to do but everyday I tell myself I am the INSPIRATION not only for myself but to others. 

Khadija Hunt| Board of Director


The Lead By Example Foundation was ultimately created to simply help others. No matter what the need may be: homework help/tutoring, helping someone start their own business, feeding and clothing the less fortunate, mentoring, coaching, etc. LBE has always sought to lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return. It’s more than just helping others. It’s about inspiring our peers to recognize their power and do the same in their own communities. You don’t need any special abilities to help someone else.

The thing the world is lacking the most right now is humanity and compassion for others. The Lead By Example Foundation strives daily to bridge the gap between people and community, uplifting and empowering everyone along the way. What’s most inspiring to me about LBE is the realization that with integrity, passion, commitment and faith, no goal is unattainable!

When you’re born to lead and help others, you do yourself, your community and God a disservice not walking in your purpose. How could I not Lead By Example?

Fatou Sankare | Community Outreach Specialist


Fatou is a Political Science major, Arabic Minor at Howard University and aspires to become a lawyer. She was born in Harlem, NY and raised in the Bronx, NY. When she moved to The District of Columbia, she began volunteering with The Lead By Example Foundation. Giving back is very important to her. She believes that if you have the ability to put a smile on the faces of others, you should. We are always looking to make a change in the world, but the change begins with us. Lead By Example is the perfect foundation to help her create the change she wants to make not only her community, but also in the world.